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Aircraft Wheel Chocks
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Wheel Chocks

HSL is able to supply wheel chocks which are suitable for all applications within the aviation and road tranport industries. They are extremely hard wearing and are produced from a specially formulated rugged rubber compound that is ideally suited to withstand the harsh conditions of these demanding industries. The triangular chocks are rounded at the corners to prevent profile damage and are heavily ribbed on all three sides to aid grip.

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Aircraft Gripchocks
Various Sizes


The Gripchocks are available in the colour Black and/or with a Yellow Stripe.


Aircraft Gripchocks
Various Sizes



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Model Height Width Face Weight
4/2 80mm 150mm 85mm 1.0kg
4/3 80mm 225mm 85mm 1.5kg
7/3 160mm 150mm 170mm 3.0kg
7/5 160mm 250mm 170mm 4.5kg
7/7 160mm 350mm 170mm 6.0kg
9/3 195mm 150mm 215mm 4.5kg
9/5 195mm 250mm 215mm 7.0kg
9/7 195mm 350mm 215mm 9.0kg
12/3 250mm 150mm 275mm 6.5kg
12/5 250mm 250mm 275mm 10.5

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