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Sennheiser Commercial Headsets

Although Sennheiser withdraw from the pilot market in 2015, HSL continues to repair the Commerical Headsets such as the HMEC 26-2 and the HMEC 46 in addition to supplying new hygiene parts such as ear pads, headband covers and microphone windsocks.

The German audio company known for headsets and microphones built for music and other applications challenged Bose, Lightspeed, and other high-end aviation headset makers in 2011, introducing a noise-canceling headset at EAA AirVenture designed and priced to compete with top-of-the-line offerings. The S1 headset unfortunately failed to gather any interest, and so Sennheiser made the decision to stop manufacturing their General Aviation as well as their Commercial Aviation Headsets.


Sennheiser Earpads

Code: 538258

Leatherette Earpads suitable for: HMDC 26, HMEC 26, HMD 26, HME 26. Supplied as a pair and easy to fit.


Sennheiser Windsock

Code: 515297

Microphone Windsock to reduce wind and pop noise. Suitable for: HME 26, HME 46, HME 95, HMEC 26, HMEC 46, HMEC 250, HMEC 466, S1 DIGITAL, S1 PASSIVE, S1 NOISEGARD. Supplied in Packs of 5.


Sennheiser Headband Covers

Code: 550262

Headpand padding leatherette is supplied as 1 pair for each part of splitted headband, suitable for the following headsets: HMD 26, HMD 26-II, HMD 27, HMD 46, HME 26, HME 26-II, HME 26-2-K, HME 26-600 (4), HME 26-K, HME 27, HME 46, HMDC 27, HMEC 46-1.


Sennheiser Foam Earpads

Code: 515295

Foam earpads and suitable for: HME/ HMEC 46. Supplied as a pair and easy to fit.


Sennheiser Carry Case

Code: case

Ziplock carry case for the Sennheiser HMEC 26 and HMEC 46. Limited stock available.

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