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Holmco Handsets

Headset Services Limited is the UK's leader supplier and repair centre for Holmco's cabin and cockpit handsets as well as their train handsets. Holmberg GmbH & Co. KG has been developing and producing electro-acoustic equipment for use in aircraft since 1957. They are an approved manufacturer and maintenance organisation of aviation products of which Headset Services Limited is an approved distributor. In addition, Holmberg are an approved development organisation in accordance to EASA ‘alternative procedures to DOA’ ETSO C50c, C57a, C58a and C139. Furthermore they are certified in accordance to the aviation quality standard EN 9100. This enables them to develop tailored solutions in accordance with international standards.

Commercial Airline Cabin Handset


Good on-board service turns flying into an enjoyable experience and leaves the air traveller with a positive impression of the airline. Excellent communication between cabin crew and passengers is also part of this service. Clear transmission of information is important to make passengers feel safe and comfortable during the entire flight. For cabin communication, Holmberg supplies both analog and digital handsets for passenger announcements, communicating with the cockpit and connecting to built-in loudspeakers.

Digital handset - All voice signals and control signals are transmitted digitally. A graphics display provides additional information.

Code: N40-1B20203-102

Train Handset


Designed to be used on trains for communication between the driver and the guard. The handset is equiped with a press-to-talk button, suitably long coiled cable and is contained in a secure cradle when not in use.

Code: 88-01-09761

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