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Alpha 900 Helmet

Featuring a modern and lightweight design, the Alpha 900 Cross-Platform Helmet System replaces U.K. and other Fielded Alpha helmets. Designed to be configured for fixed and rotary wing platforms, the Alpha 900 is an optimal solution for users looking to reduce their logistics trail as the helmet system can be configured to provide a variety of capabilities to suit the flight operation’s specific requirements. The Alpha 900 is compatible with a wide range of aircraft communication systems, NVGs, Laser Protective Visors, and other helmet system upgrades, including Gentex Corporation’s new Aircrew Helmet Noise Reduction (AHNR) technology for protection against increased noise exposure and longer missions. The modern, lightweight military helmet system combines decades of experience as the U.K. MoD’s design authority for aircrew helmets with the latest developments in military helmet technology.




  • Five available sizes
  • Ensures an accurate fit, minimizing weight effect, and achieving optimum C of G (centre of gravity).
  • Stable, comfortable helmet platform
  • The unique quick fit system, incorporating ratchet nape adjustment, ensures helmet stability is maintained throughout the flight.
  • Independent ear cup adjustment
  • The webbing mounted ear cup allows independent fitting of left and right ear positions, eliminates transmitted resonance and together with the shell mounted locking levers, maintains unsurpassed passive noise attenuation.
  • Communication setup
  • A wide range of equipment options is available for the cockpit set up, including straight and coiled communication cords, microphones, plugs, and connectors.
  • Visors
  • Single or dual visor options provide maximum eye protection and field of view. Independent left and right hand lock up/down lever operation. The visor can be further adjusted to align with facial features and/or oxygen masks/maxillofacial shield. A choice of clear, smoked and amber options are available.
  • Rigid Visor Cover
  • Provides protection for the visors. The unique fitting and adjustment facility ensures correct eye relief is achieved.
  • ANVIS NVG Rigid Visor Cover
  • Provides protection for the visors as well as the attachment for the ANVIS Night Vision Goggles.
  • FENNS NVG Bracket
  • Shell-mounted NVG bracket to allow the attachment of the FENNS Night Vision Goggles.
  • Customisable
  • Easy order guide enables you to tailor the Alpha Eagle to your individual needs.


Both comfort and retention are key to selecting the correct size of helmet. Should a head size fit into two options, the smaller size of helmet should be selected wherever possible. If any of the measurements enter the range for the next largest helmet then that is the size that should be selected.

If you are still unsure, there is the option for visiting our facility in West Sussex and having your head measured by a qualified Alpha Helmet specialist, and also to try on the suggested size.

Head Measuring Instructions

1. For measurement [A] use a tape measure around the head in position show.

2. For measurement [B] and [C] a head measuring calliper will be required. These are available from Headset Services Limited on request.

3. For measurements [B] and [C] ensure the callipers are pressed against the skull. Slide the callipers back and forth to locate the maximum measurement.


Ordering Options


Ordering an Alpha Helmet

We make the ordering process of an Alpha Helmet simple. With the help of the specially designed Easy Order Guides showcasing the various options. Our Sales Team are also available to help you make the right choice.


Easy Order Guide for Alpha 900 Helmet

Measuring Sheet for Alpha 900 Helmet

Colours and Textures

The Alpha Helmets are available in an array of different gloss and suede colours.

Hover the mouse pointer over the options below to see how they look.

Gloss White

Gloss Yellow

Gloss Blue

Gloss Red

Suede Blue/Grey

Suede Olive/Green


Optional Extras

HSL is able to offer you something a little extra. From its own Active Noise Reduction to a Bose A20 or David Clark ONE-X headset installed inside an Alpha Helmet. Alternatively, the CEP Interface Kit which offer extra hearing protection.

Find out more about:

Active Noise Reduction

NVG Lip Lights

CEP Interface Kit

Hygiene Parts

Deluxe Helmet Bag

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