There are several different types of aviation plug and socket. Here is a list of the most regularly used ones.

  • Code: XLR5 Plug
    The XLR5 plug is also known as the AIRBUS plug and used in a commerical aircraft.

  • Code: UK NATO Plug
    The UK NATO plug is generally used in commercial based helicopters.

  • Code: U174 Plug
    The U174 is also known as US NATO plug and generally used in helicopters.

  • Code: Twin Plugs
    The Twin plugs are generally used in fixed-wing general aviation planes as well as in some Boeing commercial aircrafts.

  • Code: 6 Pin Redel
    The Bose Lemo plug (also known as the Bose Redel) is generally used in helicopters with aircraft power panel.

  • Code: 7 Pin Lemo Plug
    The Lemo plug (also known as a Lemo connector) is generally used for connecting to a SAR winchman helmet to a radio device.

  • Code: 8 PIN Lemo Plug
    The 8 way Lemo plug is generally used on the ANR loom on an Alpha helmet.

  • Code: Right-Angle Fischer Plug
    The Fischer plug is generally used to connection to a helicopter panel.

  • Code: Fischer Plug
    The Fischer plug is generally used for connecting to a SAR winchman radio device.

  • Code: NP3X Plug
    The NP3X plug is used on the ground mechanic coiled extension lead for connecting to the aircraft.

  • Code: XLR5 Socket
    The XLR5 socket is used for converting a commerical airline headset with XLR5 plug.

  • Code: UK NATO Socket
    The UK NATO socket is used in adaptors to switch from the UK NATO plug to Twin Plugs.

  • Code: US NATO Socket
    The US NATO socket is also known as the NEXUS U-92A/U socket.

  • Code: Twin Sockets
    The Twin sockets are generally used when converting a general aviation headsets.

  • Code: U-94A/U
    In-line U174 Socket with PTT and clothing clip for use with ground mechanic lead.

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