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Holmberg GmbH & Co. KG has been developing and producing electro-acoustic equipment for use in aircraft since 1957. They are an approved manufacturer and maintenance organisation of aviation products of which Headset Services Limited is an approved distributor. In addition, Holmberg are an approved development organisation in accordance to EASA ‘alternative procedures to DOA’ ETSO C50c, C57a, C58a and C139. Furthermore they are certified in accordance to the aviation quality standard EN 9100. This enables them to develop tailored solutions in accordance with international standards.

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Brand: Holmco
Model: Commercial Aviation (N40-1B20203-102) and Train (88-01-09761)
Warranty: TBC
Includes: Manufacturer's EASA Form 1
Holmco Products

Holmberg's products are known for their quality and great functionality, and we are very pleased to serve as their UK distributor for Commercial Headsets and Handsets. From the initial idea to the final product, all of Holmberg’s key processes occur under one roof. Mechanical design, electronics and software are all developed by our engineering specialists. Holmco maximize flexibility via in-house manufacturing capabilities that range from small components to final product assembly. The entire Holmberg team works closely together to quickly respond to our customer needs and requirements, and can provide customised solutions, even for smaller projects.

Safety Comes First

Safe air transport depends on secure and reliable communication, particularly when it comes to communication inside the cockpit. A high volume of information must be shared over the course of a flight, including radio contact with air traffic control, links to ground control and exchanges between crew members on the aircraft. Each and every piece of information may be vital in these situations. The equipment used must therefore satisfy stringent requirements in terms of technical specification, resilience and reliability. HOLMCO products combine outstanding acoustic properties, excellent comfort and high reliability. Holmberg supplies microphones, headsets and handsets for cockpit communication.


Whether you are a pilot, a flight attendant or a passenger: once you board an aircraft, clear and reliable communication on board is vital for your safety. The exchange of critical information is required at all times, and quality standards for technical performance and reliability are exceptionally high. Only select companies are certified to manufacture and maintain aviation products.

Holmberg has been designing and building communications equipment for use in aircraft for over 50 years. They are an approved and certified manufacturer and maintenance organization of aviation products. Holmco communications accessories are used by pilots and flight attendants as well as air traffic controllers and ground staff.

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