HMEC 26-2 Commercial Aviation Headset

The HMEC 26-2 is a lightweight closed and supra-aural aviation headset with Active Noise Reduction NoiseGard™ professional. It is designed for use in commercial jets. The noise compensating condenser microphone ensures excellent speech transmission even in noisy environments. The HMEC 26-2 is available in different variants which vary in features and functions. The HMEC 26-2 comes with a carry case, clothing clip and a 5 year manufacturers warranty.

This item is no longer available for sale. HSL are still able to repair the HMEC 26 (Twin Plugs and/or XLR5 Plug).

More Details

Product Information

Product Details
Brand: Sennheiser
Model:HMEC 26-2
Warranty: 5 Years (Sennheiser is the authorised Warranty Repair Centre)
Dimensions:18 cm H x 22 cm W x 8 cm D
Includes: Clothing clip, Belt clip and Carry case

The HMEC 26-2 Commercial Aviation Headset has a two-piece headband that adjusts automatically, and features a "flip-away" ear cup for single-sided listening. There is a flexible microphone boom so that the microphone can be placed at the corner of the mouth and maintain a distance of 2cm between the microphone and the mouth. The microphone boom arm can also be rotated. This allows the headset to be worn with the microphone boom positioned on either the left or right-hand side of the head.

The headset gives you a greater noise reduction than conventional commercial aviation headsets. The NoiseGard™ On/Off switch allows you to switch the NoiseGard™ active noise compensation on or off. The battery-saving "auto shut-off" function automatically switches the NoiseGard™ electronics off when the headset is disconnected from the audio system or when the aircraft avionics are switched off.

Boeing and Airbus aircraft

The HMEC 26-2 Commercial Aviation Headset is available in dual-plug and XLR5 plug for use on Boeing and Airbus aircrafts.

More features
  • Lightweight
  • Active Noise Reduction NoiseGard™
  • Peak Level-Protection - safeguards you from volume peaks above 110 dB
  • "Flip-away" headphone allows single-sided listening
  • Noise-compensating condenser microphone ensures excellent speech intelligibility
  • ETSO-approval C139
  • 5 year warranty


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