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Bose A20
Headsets and Cable Assemblies

Offering the superb Bose A20 headset with various different cable and plug configurations. Ideal for General Aviation, Helicopter and Commercial Aviation.
GA Headsets

Bose Aviation X
Cable Assemblies and Accessories

Offering the Bose X cable assemblies, coiled, straight with Lemo, US NATO or Twin Plug configurations. Ideal for General Aviation and Helicopter.
GA Headsets

Bose Headset Accessories
Windsocks, Ear Pads, Carry Case, Adaptors

Offering a range of Hygiene Parts for the Bose A20 and Bose X Headsets

David Clark Headsets
Active Noise Reduction and Passive...

Offering a range of Active Noise Reduction and Passive headsets ideal for use in fixed wing aircrafts and helicopters.

GA Headsets

David Clark Hygiene Parts
Ear Pads, Windsocks

Offering a range of hugiene parts for various David Clark headsets.

Peltor Headsets
Passive only...

Offering a range of Passive headsets for use in fixed wing aircrafts and helicopters.

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The MEL Group

MEL Aviation Ltd acts
as the group's headquarters.
T: +44(0)1787 373282
F: +44(0)1787 310812
A: Laurence Walter House,
Addison Road, Sudbury,
Suffolk, CO10 2YW.
United Kingdom.


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A: Unit 8, The Quoin Estate
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