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Bespoke Products

In addition to our core product ranges and extensive repair facilities, we are well placed to assist in the production of bespoke products to meet the requirements for General and Commercial Aviation, Helicopter (SAR, Police and Private) Industrial and Broadcasting clients. Our services are highly adaptable, and we will participate in projects small and large at any stage, from complete design-build projects to simply supplying a single bespoke element such as equipment installation, bespoke audio leads and adaptors, system design or consultation.

Headset Services Ltd has also produced products for various applications including aviation headsets and fixed-wing and helicopter helmets; our looms and adaptors can be built with different types of aviation plugs and sockets and to innumerable lengths, to make life easier for pilots. We can also install Active Noise Reduction (ANR) in headsets and helmets to provide extra hearing comfort.

Communication Equipment


HSL's Active Noise Reduction Kit

The HSL Active Noise Reduction (ANR) kit is suitable for installation into the Alpha Eagle, Alpha 400 (Multi-Fit) and Alpha 900 helmets. The ANR modules replace the standard earphones and a new loom (downlead) is installed as well. The original passive performance of the helmet as well as the fit of the helmet are unaffected by the installation of the ANR system.

The HSL ANR Kit offers approximately 12dB of extra attenuation whilst retaining the passive attenuation and fit of the original helmet. The system is available with coiled or straight downlead which is terminated with either a Bose-style 6 Pin Lemo, or a 7 or 8 Pin Lemo Plug, and can be powered by the HSL Rechargeable Battery Box or directly from the aircraft's panel. If the ANR system is turned off or the power to the system is interrupted for example by batteries running down then the system will revert to a comms only failsafe and passive protection level of the standard helmet. It is recommend that Gel Ear Seals are fitted during the install as they provide a better seal around the ear and enhance the performance of the ANR.


  • 2 x Active Noise Reduction Modules
  • 1 Metre Cable (Coiled or Straight)
  • 8 Pin, 7 Pin or 6 Pin Lemo Connector
  • Ear Cups designed for Alpha Helmets
  • Filters and Foams
  • Gel Ear Seals

HSL's Rechargeable Battery Box

The HSL Rechargeable Battery Box has a sleek design and connects to the Lemo connector providing an approx. 50 hours of operational use. There is a green LED light which shows when the battery box is supplying power to the ANR system within the Alpha helmet. The ON/OFF switch has a lockable feature, whilst the volume control is positioned at the top and allows the user to easily increase and decrease the sound through the Alpha helmet earcups.

The body of the fire retardant battery box has environmental NiMh battery packs and is fitted with a convenient belt clip which allows the user to attach the box to just about any pocket, belt or waistband for easy carry and added security against dropping. The battery box can be charged through the Lemo connector with one of our specially designed mains charger. The recharging time would be approx. 10 hours from fully discharged.

Available with UK NATO Plug, US NATO Plug or Twin Plugs.


  • ON/OFF Switch
  • Volume Control
  • LED Power Light
  • 8 Pin Lemo Charger Socket
  • 1 Metre Straight or Coiled Cable
  • Belt Clip

HSL's Looms and Adaptors

HSL can offer a range of Looms (also referred to as Downleads or Cable Assembly) with various different lengths from 450mm to 1.5 metres, straight or coiled with a variety of plug types.

Waterproof looms are also available and ideally designed to work with a wet-winchman Alpha helmet. The high quality loom comes complete with connections for waterproof speakers and microphone and has a coiled cable with a Fischer plug.


  • Coiled with 6 Pin Lemo
  • Coiled with 7 Pin Lemo
  • Coiled with 8 Pin Lemo
  • Coiled with UK NATO Plug
  • Coiled with US NATO Plug
  • Coiled with TP-108 Plug
  • Straight with Twin Plugs
  • Coiled Waterproof with 10 Pin Fischer


Our General Aviation and Search & Rescue adaptors are made to the highest quality by our highly skilled technicians with approved components. We offer a complete range of waterproof adaptors such as Lemo Socket to U174 Plug, Ficsher Socket to UK NATO Plug and U174 Socket to Fischer Plug. We can also offer bespoke solutions where off-the-shelf products fall short. From coiled and straight cable extension leads with an array of plugs and sockets to adaptors with required lengths of cable.

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