Multi-Fit Passenger Helmet

The Alpha 400 Series is a multi-fit passenger helmet designed specifically for passengers, casual users where ease of fit is critical (e.g. EMS paramedics and observers). It is available in range of colours such as gloss white, yellow, red and blue as well as suede olive green and suede grey.

We hold stock in sizes (medium and large) for gloss white. Call our Sales Team for more information about ordering an Alpha 400 Helmet.

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More Details

Product Information

Product Details
Brand: Alpha
Model: 400 [Multi-Fit]
Warranty: 1 Years (Headset Services Limited is the UK authorised Repair Centre)

The Alpha 400 helmet is produced in 2 sizes:

Helmet Size Head Width (mm) Head Length (mm)
Medium (M) 142 - 160 180 - 200
Large (L) 160 - 175 200 - 218



The Alpha 400 helmet can be ordered to several different specifications, such as Passive or Active Noise Reduction, a colour gloss or suede finish.

Helmet Colour Visor Cover Visors Headset Downlead Plug Microphone
Gloss White Semi-Rigid White Clear & Tinted Passive 150 Ohm Coiled (1M) UK NATO M7/DC
Gloss Yellow Semi-Rigid Black Yellow & Tinted Passive 600 Ohm Straight (1M) U174 M87
Gloss Blue Velveteen ANR Twin Plug Waterproof
Gloss Red Waterproof 6 Pin Lemo
Suede Grey 8 Pin Lemo
Suede Green

The Alpha 400 helmet is used by the UK Air Ambulance crews and by the UK’s Search & Rescue crews. The helmet is specifically designed for passengers & other aircrew and provides a rapid accurate fitting to a wide range of head sizes, ideal for use when an aircrew helmet is not a frequently used personal item.

With a strong, lightweight construction, the helmet is easy to adjust for supreme comfort and fit. Simple rapid adjustment of the ear capsules and nape pad, along with an internal padded headlining system, and with two helmet shell sizes, the Alpha 400 helmet is suited to a wide range of head shapes and sizes without compromise on balance or helmet retention.

With the option of single or dual visors (clear and tinted) and a choice of boom microphones, plugs and visor covers the aircraft helmet provides pilots with the precise specification they need for their aircraft. Available in a variety of colours and finishes and with a number of optional factory built and aftermarket accessories, including the Active Noise Reduction system (ANR), the Alpha 400 helmet truly leads the market in affordable, comfortable, adaptable aviation helmets without compromise on weight or performance.

Call our Sales Team on +44 (0) 1273 234181 if you are interested in knowing more about the Alpha 400; availability and price.

Active Noise Reduction

The Alpha 400 helmet is ideally suited for commercial helicopters and can be equipped with our Active Noise Reduction (ANR) system. The ANR modules replace the standard earphones and a new downlead is installed. The original passive performance of the helmet as well as the fit of the helmet are unaffected by the installation of the ANR system. If the ANR system is turned off or the power to the system is interrupted, for example by batteries running down then the system will revert to a communication only failsafe and passive protection level of the standard helmet. The system is available with coiled or straight cables and a quality 8 Pin Lemo connector. The system can be battery powered or powered directly from the aircraft. You can simply change from aircraft power to battery, just by plugging into our rechargeable battery box.

The system is available to suit most aircraft intercoms with (USA Low impedance) 19 ohm, UK NATO) 150ohm or (Civil Spec and police ASU) 600 ohm speakers. Our system is fitted to all UK Police Air Support Helicopters, and is also available with the standard Bose 6 pin plug so you can plug directly into a helicopter fitted with the BOSE installed kit. We recommend that Gel Ear Pads are fitted during the install as they give a better seal around the ear and enhance the performance of the ANR.

Call our Sales Team on +44 (0) 1273 234181 if you are interested in having ANR fitted to your Alpha helmet.

Helmet Repair Service

Headset Services Limited is the UK’s authorised Alpha helmet repair centre. We are able to offer various configurations of the Alpha 400 as well as accessories and hygiene parts at very competitive prices. Our highly skilled technicians work to a ISO9001:2008 and EASA Part145 approval, and who exclusively use manufacturer approved parts and specialist diagnostic equipment.

We only use parts supplied to us from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and of which are fitted in accordance with the official service manual and test procedure.

We can offer a Service Plan tailored to your requirements and budget, simply talk to our Repair Team on +44 (0)1273 234189.


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